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Life Changing Truth ministry is an Arabic Faith-Based ministry, inside Egypt. Our MAIN goal is to build Christians from the living word of God, working between churches & inter-denominationally. We teach the ministers & train them to know who they are in Christ, how to take their inheritance in Christ & how to minister effectively.

The content of the English section is different from the Arabic one. Though we put many articles in the English section but the great concern is the Arabic section of the site.

In the Arabic section of the site, there're articles, & sermons translated into Arabic for authors:
Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin , Rev. Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Pastor Chris & Anita Oyakhilome, Pastor Randy Tinch, Dr. Leif S. Jacobsen, Apostle Dr. Stanley Ndovie & Dr. Ramez Ghabbour (the founder & president of Life Changing Truth).
Each month the site & our publications reach thousands of people from many countries around the world.

Read more about our ministry:  About Us    &     Privacy Policy.

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For contacting us, (or any questions) feel free to write to us through the "Contact us" page OR  at  the email :, (we receive emails in English & Arabic language)

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