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The Arabic ONLINE Bible School is launched: Application of the Online Bible School

Now we're preparing a complete curriculum for online Bible School in Arabic language. That will affect the Arabic world, prepraing the material of sound Biblical teaching by authors & men & women of God to teach the people about New Creation, Faith, Holy Spirit, Healing, Ministry, ...etc. Affordable & accessable at your pace & without time limit.

- You'll be able hear & read the teaching of each course online.
- You'll be able to send your questions to the teacher of each course & he/she will answer you.
- You'll pass the exam of each course online with the results will be instantly automatically scored. (Each course has MCQ or T or F exams, while the whole term has short essay exams that will be scored in 1 week period).
- Arabic Language only.
- To enrol, the application will be soon after the Bible School is launched...follow up here in this page.
The ONLINE application can be reached here: Application of the Online Bible School

Online Payment will be available soon.

* Cost may be changed without any notice, & Life Changing Truth has the right to change the prices. There's Privacy & Refund Policy .

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